Big Data & Bioinformatics Seminar (Univ. of Jordan)

I was invited by the Computer Engineering Department at the University of Jordan (Amman, Jordan) to give a seminar on big data and bioinformatics on Thursday the 26th of October 2017. A group of interested students and staff members attended the seminar which lasted for more than 3 hours.

The first part of the seminar, as requested by the hosts, was about my journey from the University of Jordan as an undergraduate student (2006-2010) to the University of Oxford. This was to motivate the students and direct them to one of the paths of success.

The second part of the seminar was about the era of big data research as the fourth paradigm of science and the main domains of big data research.

The rest of the seminar was about bioinformatics as one large area of big data research. A good introduction to molecular biology was delivered followed by listing some types of big biological data that are subject to bioinformatic analysis.


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